Wednesday, May 30, 2007


First off, thanks Brett. Ecuador has been great. I´m not really prepared to make a fully engaging blog entry with pictures since I´m only able to spend a few scant moments typing away at... 8.53PM in an internet bar north of the jungle town I´m staying in. I´m currently in Tena and will return to Hostal >Pissano with 7 other ex-patriots to Masiualli tonight. I can´t stress enough how good the 3 gormet meals a day at the place I´m staying are, or the general accomidations, or the friendly locals. We´ve made quick friends with our hostess Eunice, who expertly runs the internationally acclaimed hostal, as well as Alejandro, a local character with quite a story to tell-- he´s ended up running a Tex-Mex resturant and mart in the local square. The local square, infact, equates to 80% of the village, something like the campus of St. Ed´s. The weather is a lot like Austin; not too hot, never known as cold, and the bugs are almost the same. Guitars, good food, monkies, fishing, recording sound for a feature film... masny things I hope I can expound upon and hopèfully suppliment their mentions with pictures and video later on, but now the cafe is closing. Tommorow is another day of work and good food and fast friends way south of the border.
I´ll have regular internet access in 1.5 weeks back at the foster-home, but until then, my communication may be sparse and full of cliffhangers. I may find this hard because I can´t find any question marks on the key board here, thus, my writing style has taken a turn from the often-times interogative and more towards the brashly confident, which isn´t as interesting or true. I can make Ñ´s, though.
Anyways, did I mention I was tired and they´re closing...
Hasta Luego mi familia.

ps. I´m not spellchecking anything until I´m back in Quito.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Second Hand

Blake will be without internet for around two weeks, so what follows is the extremely paraphrased transcript of a phone conversation I (Brett his brother) had with him today. So enjoy, and embrace the text's brevity as an opportunity to fill in the blanks with your own wacky ideas of what Blake is encountering in Ecuador.

"Ecuador has been great, currently I am in the jungles south of Quito, and have been staying in a hostel in Misahualli which surprisingly is home to a Tex-Mex resturant, stories to follow. Luckily it is the dry season so the mosquitoes are non existent. The only thing more plentiful than the monkeys are the guitars."

Friday, May 25, 2007

Heading Out

I'm trading summer in Austin for winter in Quito.
If you're able, take a swim for me at Barton Springs.
Order a pitcher at the Draft House before it moves
to 6th Street and see a film, on film.
Eat some Tom's Tabooley.
Get coffee at Kerbey Lane at 2:00am.
Go see a show with friends.
Drink cider.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

An end to hummus and mix-cds...

Two things which I'm pretty sure I won't be indulging in for the coming summer months.

I'm going to Ecuador for 2 months, from May 27th rough July 31. I'm recording sound for a feature film called Safe By My Side, written and directed by a UTRTFFF (University of Texas Radio-Television-Film Film Friend) David Lamb. Check out the film's website to learn more about it at:
Funny as it sounds, I have no feeling other than an unqualified sense of anticipation about going to South America for the summer. When trying to imagine what will happen or how it will affect me, I draw a huge blank. It's kind of like a cat looking into a mirror and not being able to understand what it sees to the extent that it's simply another flat surface. No, I don't think I have future-telling powers, but this trip represents something so exotic to my overall routine that I feel little else other than a huge knot of curiosity about what comes next. I guess by routine, I mean to say that I've been a student for so long (17 years) that this period of time where I'll find myself doing something entirely new in an entirely different hemisphere will amount to something incomparable with any previous experience.
One day I'd like this blog to represent a tack-board for my current creative endeavors and personal exploits but until I'm wherever doing whatever it takes to make the art I know I can, this blog will be about my experiences in Ecuador. I'll be flying from Houston to Mexico City, Panama then Quito all day Saturday into Sunday this weekend. I'm relying on Chad and David to supply pictures for this blog since I don't have a digital SLR and am not going to attempt to work out a system of developing 35mm in Ecuador. I can only promise that I'll try my best to update this blog at appropriate intervals and make sure the dinosaurs don't eat me.

I won't be taking my phone with me so the best and quickest way to reach me in any case of urgency would be through email at In case you're unusually interested in this whole excursion, I'll be keeping a journal that I hope to publish/exhibit/produce into some entertaining form after I come back. Maybe a series of open mic readings at the Cactus Cafe.
If anything, I hope to grow as a person with a bigger, fuller beard. What more can one man aspire to do with two months time adventuring with friends?

Coming Soon: Drive, Fly, Disembark

Acrylic on Canvas: