Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Banos (with out the N-yeah)

4 of us are in Banos for 3 days off. This is the nicest place I've been so far in Ecuador, but I'm sure the interior of Quito proper will give it a run for it's money. Again, I'm having trouble with these windows 98 PCs uploading high-res pictures from USB-out cameras, but I can promise a deluge of pictures come Friday night when I return to the orphanage outside Quito. Banos is a very Euro-styled tourist locale. The streets are narrow and the buildings are skinny with tall glass windows and an inpeniaturable cloud looms over the town, only breaking it's white diffusion at night, when the yet active volcano glows neon orange in the night, washing the entire town in a warm luminace. I had a mild allergic reaction to the soap in the last hostal I was in, loacted in Lemoncocha (Qichua for Lemon Lagoon, where we went 5 hours by truck to fish for piranha and got too close to some really big gators {all of which I have pictures and video of, which may have to wait unitl I get back to Austin}).
I'm still looking for the world-renouned Vogel guitars made here. The hostal here is top-shelf material and I hope to buy a hat to keep my guliver warm because we're really high in the mountains. Pictures will come some day soon. There's a french resturante here that serves chocolate creepes. Any more description would just make the lack of pictures seem cruel. My beard is now a mustashe-goatee inspired by a GQ that Christian Bale, Welsh Prince of acting, was on the cover of. Already have I meet friendly chicas from Swiztrland and Lodon. There's still only one kind of beer. Pina Coladas probably couldn't be better anywhere else. There's also stiffling poverty gripping the interior of the country, the roads are mostly one lane mud paths.
The film is still going on, it's good for sound.

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