Friday, June 8, 2007

Rain Monkey Amazon Juice

Sorry the posts have been few and far between, this will change once we get the upcoming week off on Sunday. I´m going to write some fully fleshed blog entries at that time, based on the jounrals and videos I´ve been making along with plenty of pictures and skecthes. This one picture took 5 minutes to upload, which cost me around .25 cents at the internet cafe in Tena.
The town of Misahualli is a square block lined with bars and tourist shops surrounded by a barrio. It rests on the ever rising and ebbing shores of the Rio Nappo, a tributary from the highlands to the milk chocolate Amazon. I´ve had the fortune to take several 1.5 hour long canoe rides on both over the past week, witness a tribal market exchange, a tribal dance reinactment with locally prepared teas and ¨beverages¨as well as visit a truley remarkable Amazon Zoo, or better descrtibed as a wildlife sanctuary. I´ve made both friends and enemies alike with monos. I´ve eaten things I only hoped I´d one day eat, like fruit from a tree in the rainforest. There´s only two brands of cerveza in Ecuador: Pilsner (Grolsch-esque) and Club (a straight knock-off of New Castle, which is quite tastey). There´s alos Blue Fanta, which unbenounced to me, exists in isolation in South America. More to come on the cuisine and dinning company of the Amazon.
The film is going very well. I´m very good at recording production sound. Again, the blog for the film is kept by the producers and is located here: We´re roughly 25% done with the footage to be shot in Ecuador, the rest will be shot in Seattle, Washington during the first few weeks of August. I may take part in this remainder, simply so I can soley own the sound recordist-mixer credit. Chad, Dave and I are going to go find some Piña Coladas and some gringas in the Peace Corp at the local teca. Come Sunday, we´ll go back to Quito for a bit of rest and clothes warshing then off to Baños. I really want to see an active volcano. I´m sure I´m missing quite a lot to abstract on before I finish this post but I´m worn from shooting in the rain all say and hope to enjoy the first night off in a while. I hope you are all doing well. -b

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adventures in cameraland said...

I miss you. I just realized I had your blog site in my e-mail and hadn't checked it since we parted - nothing was better than being greeted by a monkey-clad Balke, specially because it is proof you are still breathing. I will check it religiously from now on. Stay alive and well and bring me back some cool Ecuadorian jewelry.