Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wow, the entry I just spent $1 USD of time typing vanishes into the cybervoid of the blogosphere. It was finely crafted and freatured illiteration and allegory. Damn.

In short, I'm in Banos with Chad, Blue and Tuchman until I return to the orphanage in Quito on Friday and resume recording sound for the film on Saturday.

Banos is amazing, alot of cool stuff, it's a chill, cold more European styled turist location, pictures will come soon, latest by Friday. I went down the Amazon before arriving and fished for piranha and bated gators from a gordita. My beard is now a mustache-goatee, per the cover of GQ featuring Welsh prince of acting, Christian Bale. The food is still tops, as is the hostal here.
Met some very friendly chicas from London. The pina coladas are amazing. The poverty is stiffling and the treatment of animals grotesque. There's still only one type of beer.

I go to find adventure.


Brett said...

hey i am trying to get a road trip together for august which would lead up to seattle. Ill keep you posted as you might have a free ride back if there is a seat.

lp said...

I think your other entry did work.

Bring me back a necklace made of piranha teeth or else.