Monday, September 10, 2007

Working in a production coal mine

How's it going? I haven't posted anything in a while but thankfully because I've been working a lot. "On what?" you might demand with your mouth full of half-chewed Sun Chips. Well, mostly on commerical shoots in Austin, as well as the few days a month I'm always on Backpack Picnic shoots. This last go around (technically the 2nd to last) I did some drawings for a series of partially animated episodes called Kid-puter Korner. Click on the image to go to the first episode.
I'll be doing a 100% animated episode that will probably be online in a month or so.
I also landed a sweet gig working ACL Fest this year, which nets me a wristband. After that, I'm lined up to see Animal Collective and The Flaming Lips here in town during the last week of September. Pictures and video all to come, so keep the channels open. Blake out.


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Annie said...

You should continue with your blogging.